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Eight Random and Cheesy Things About Me

I don’t often blog about things that don’t have to do with Social Media or Social Media applications, but Shannon Paul tagged me in her blog post “7 Random and Weird Things About Me” and her post was so meaningful, hilarious, and adorable it gave me some insight into the lady behind @shannonpaul. Soooooooo I decided to comply and write my first ever meme. And here we go…. I hate mushrooms. They are a fungus. Don’t you realize you are
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Internet Speak: Part 2

I now present to you Part Two of my ongoing series, “Silly Stories that I Hope Will Help You Unlock Some of the Vast Mysteries of Twitter and the Interwebs.”  Or something like that. But really, I’m only kidding (a little). The truth is, the secrets only seem vast when you encounter certain Twitter-isms for the first time. Trust me. I had some pretty interesting and random thoughts when I first saw the following shortcuts and acronyms scroll across my
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