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The Gets a Little Cheesier Today

As a Houston native and purely southern gal at heart, I was pleased totally freakin’ ecstatic to find my cheesy little blog featured on the Houston‘s opinion page this morning. So what if all the other blogs are somewhat serious and mature and my blog title includes the words “Magic Dust” and declares my love for Malcolm Gladwell in skinny jeans? I’m pumped. I love talking about all things Public Relations and Social Media related so while you’re here,
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Gladwell Breaks it Down in H-Town: Where the Heck is the Magic Dust?!

Welcome readers of the Houston!! Thanks for visiting Secret’s out. I have an Internet crush Malcolm Gladwell. I know I already blogged about him here and here… and also tweet about him all the time, but I just saw him speak at a Greater Houston Partnership luncheon and I’ve got just a hundred a little bit more to say. First of all. Malcolm Gladwell is a GREAT speaker. To read the man is not to hear him. I have
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Thoughts on Outliers: Will I EVER be a twittering Beauty Queen Who Flies Planes?

I finished reading Outliers a few weeks ago and, like all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, I loved it. It now resides on my top ten shelf smack dab between Twilight and Enchantment. Gladwell’s insight into into “success” is mystifying and staggering and humbling all at once. With Outliers, Gladwell irrevocably proves that there is no magical kool aid you drink to become successful. Success is about hard work (10,000 hours of it!), some special circumstance and a dash of luck.
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