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You will always be my Best Friend

Hey Daddy!! Happy birthday! I woke up this morning and it was a normal morning, and then I realized it was your birthday. Usually I see today coming from a mile off, but this year it crept up on me… and like always… took my breath away. Sometimes the memories of you are so very clear that it is hard to believe you’re gone. Especially on days like today. I miss your laugh. I miss your silly jokes and your
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Love Meerkats and Marketing?

I’ve been talking a lot about it on Twitter and Facebook so I’m sure you’ve heard me gushing, but I’m super excited to announce my participation in the first annual Schipul Web Marketing Conference…. or as we Schipulites like to call it: SchipulCon09. Since my bartending college days, throwing a great party has been my specialty so you can bet SchipulCon09 is going to be one. It’s this October 15 & 16 and yes…. we’re taking over the Houston Zoo!!
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