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Grandpa’s Little Girls.

Growing up in the McDonald family meant growing up with girls. I’m sure the men in our lives felt like they couldn’t turn around without stepping on one of us. After all, girl cousins are known to travel in a herd. But our McDonald men did an excellent job of handling it. Cousin Rusty was always ready to carry one (or two) of us from place to place on his back. Uncle George brought us home books to read and
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Finding Joy

One of the greatest lessons my mother has taught me is to always find joy in the little things. I will admit that as I’ve gotten older (and life has gotten busier) I sometimes forget. In the midst of rushing to the gym, checking out this or that┬ábridesmaid┬ádress, booking that next meeting; I sometimes have to force myself to remember. But then… I met Santa Claus tonight. One of the projects my agency has been working over the past several
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