99 days.


That’s right. In 99 days, I will officially be Mrs. Malek. Crazy right? It seems like such a short time ago that Matt asked me to be his wife and we kicked off this adventure.

Since 8/10/12 (best engagement date ever, btw) there have been registry debacles, ribbons and declarations that we must “DO COOL STUFF.“ And now we only have 99 days… which I imagine will fly by just as quickly as those legendary 99 beer bottles fell off of the wall.

Between now and the wedding there is sure to be more venue magic and chatter about gifts, but the thing I’m most excited about is the continued process of getting to know my amazing soon-to-be-husband. We are in the midst of For Better and For Ever marriage prep and it’s been enlightening, to say the least! But that is what all of this is about, right? The actual forever.

It’s not about flowers or photos or pins on Pinterest. It’s about joining two lives. It’s about making Matt my reason to be (even more officially than he already is). It’s about becoming man and wife. It’s about that forever.

And there are about 99 MILLION reasons why this excites me.

Holy moly. We’re getting married y’all.


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