My little veterinarian sister


Not only is my little sister hilarious, but she is also a veterinarian.

This makes every message from her like a tiny little one – two punch of awesome in a bottle.

Exhibit A: She sends very important health related emails to MommyMac and I.

Exhibit B: She makes sure we are all apprised of the impending bacon shortage situation.

Exhibit C: She also shares…Weather updates for Ames, Iowa... Where (apparently) some vets go.

Thanks to Alice, I will be avoiding all rabid dogs, raccoons and crickets today. I will also be eating lots of bacon and avoiding Iowa… Even if my non-vet coworker claims the bacon shortage won’t affect Texans.

I love you, my little vet. You always were a cool one.

2 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    Dear sister,
    I love you to pieces.
    Big Al

    PS- I was NEVER cool. Are you kidding me? I was on the math team, for Pete's sake…

  2. Aunt Dee Dee Harr says:

    My goal in life is to be the focus of a Mags blog! Can't wait…maybe after I misbehave at her wedding…hmmmmm, could it be??? Love you Miss Maggie!

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