Today my little sister turns 24. Her name is Alice AND she is completely amazing.

Since she is in school out of town, I’m missing her a ton today and wishing I could wrap my arms around her on her birthday. Since I can’t do that… I thought I would compile a quick list of all of the reasons why she is the raddest little sister on the block.

  1. No one makes me laugh like Alice
  2. When I’m upset, she is the voice that calms me
  3. And when I inadvertently color my hair pink, she helps make it right
  4. Her heart is as big as the universe
  5. And people who know her are lucky to have her in their lives
  6. She once put a pacemaker in a ferret
  7. And I would trust her to amputate a limb
  8. In matters of the heart, her expertise is unrivaled
  9. And her capacity to help others knows no bounds
  10. Like I said… Alice is amazing.

Happy 24th little girl. You are the best little sister a girl could have.

6 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    Love you girls!

  2. Brandi says:

    I am a HUGE Alice fan.

    That bow, however….

  3. Alice says:

    Dear big sister,

    I LOVE YOU, and I also miss you terribly!

    I should mention that I was only recruited to anesthetized the aforementioned ferret, BUT it ended up being done without me because I had to go to class…

    I hate to think I have misled you in this respect.


    Big Al aka AliMac aka Booger

  4. Valerie Swenson says:

    You are both pretty amazing in my book! And I am sure Greg gets a huge laugh out of some of your antics! You two just make me smile! Happy BD Ali and great post as usual Mags! Valerie

  5. Billy T says:

    Well said.. all is true> Alice is a gift to all who know her!! Happy birdyday, We love you & family!!

    Billy T & family

  6. Suzanne Moore says:

    Sisters are a special blessing. You are both amazing girls and I so much enjoy reading some of your interactions. Makes me feel closer. I miss you both….Love you, Aunt Sue

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