Art, Wine and Cyrano de Bergerac


This Wednesday is going to be packed but oh so fun! Most of Wednesday morning will be spent rushing around with Fayza to pick up donations of the alcoholic kind for the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) event that evening. Thankfully I am from Tomball and drive a big truck… so we should be able to get it all in one run. A special thanks to 13 Celsius for donating two cases!

Then from 5:30-7:30 pm it will be time to consume said donations at a very worthwhile event: the kick off party for the Art-the heART of Houston viral video campaign. Come play with us at the HAA Space125Gallery for more details on this totally crazy and creative three month ride we are about to take with Houston’s best artists. There will be wine and artists and merriment to be had by all. And you will be home in time to watch the presidential debates!  Which I always find a bit easier to stomach after copious amounts of wine… but that is just me.

After HAA, I will be meeting up with David to enjoy a night at the theatre! Like the HAA party, the opening of Cyrano de Bergerac was delayed because of Ike, but in an amazing twist of fate that delay will make the night even better! David’s brother, Barry, is now a backstage hand at the Alley Theatre and got our tickets moved to the night of the 15th. What is so much cooler about these tickets as opposed to our original tickets? There is an after party with the cast and crew! I don’t tell many people this, but in the 8th grade I was historian of my junior high’s Thespian society and secretly wanted to be a Broadway star. So this is all very exciting to me… Which means my non-cheesy boyfriend and his brother managed to get me the most perfectly-cheesy-anniversary present ever 😉 I only hope I don’t faint at the feet of a cast member…

I really just cannot wait for Wednesday.

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