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Run, Maggie. Run!

Last week I was in Austin for the Texas Nonprofit Summit (which rocked) and while I’m usually horrible about taking time to exercise while travelling, I made a commitment to myself before leaving to get some in every day. After all, we are counting down to a wedding around here! To honor that commitment, I planned a run around Lady Bird Lake. To honor ANOTHER commitment I made to write more, I’m going to write about my run. On that
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Road Tripping Texas: Austin Bound!

This month has been a month of traveling Texas! Last week I was in Corpus working an event at Whataburger field, this week I am in Austin for the Texas Nonprofit Summit. The life of a PR Girl is never boring, that I can say for sure. I am here in Austin helping spread the word about an AMAZING Direct Energy grant program called Reduce Your Use for Good. We know that small changes can make a BIG difference. Direct
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Do cool stuff.

Every so often, Matt throws out an amazing little gem of a wedding idea. This is my favorite (so far). Note: We were talking about centerpieces. “Babe. All of your ideas sound great. I just have one really important thing to say,” Matt announced. “Sure! We both need to have things that are important to us at the wedding. What are you thinking?” “Okay. So we need to make sure we do cool stuff.” Now I’m cautious. “Right… so that
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Road Tripping Texas: Jersey Style!

This post could also be titled: Maggie and Alexa’s Big Adventure. A few times each year I make trips to Corpus Christi, Texas for client events. As I have mentioned before, I love road trips, I love Texas and I love the client I’m working for… so it’s the perfect project for me. Since I make this trip so often, I have a few favorite things I do every time that I really look forward to. Now. Enter Alexa. We
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Happy Reverse-ary!

It’s official! Matt and I are celebrating our One Year Reverse-ary today. That’s right. We have picked our date! In exactly 365 days, I get to marry my best friend. While we have our location all lined up, I’m still nervous about all of the tiny details… But that’s okay. Because we have exactly one year (or 31,536 000 seconds) to get it all figured out.