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Maggie Loves Mondays. Episode Two

Holy Monday. Today was crazy and I almost forgot to do this. Last Monday I instituted a plan to turn my intense dislike for Mondays around. Every Monday, my plan is to think back on the last 7 days and highlight a few of my favorite things. These things are on no way related to anything important… except the fact that they make me smile. So here is this Monday’s list! Clay Walker at RodeoHouston with my best girlfriends Evening
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Art, Wine and Cyrano de Bergerac

This Wednesday is going to be packed but oh so fun! Most of Wednesday morning will be spent rushing around with Fayza to pick up donations of the alcoholic kind for the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) event that evening. Thankfully I am from Tomball and drive a big truck… so we should be able to get it all in one run. A special thanks to 13 Celsius for donating two cases! Then from 5:30-7:30 pm it will be time to
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