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Internet Speak: Part 2

I now present to you Part Two of my ongoing series, “Silly Stories that I Hope Will Help You Unlock Some of the Vast Mysteries of Twitter and the Interwebs.”  Or something like that. But really, I’m only kidding (a little). The truth is, the secrets only seem vast when you encounter certain Twitter-isms for the first time. Trust me. I had some pretty interesting and random thoughts when I first saw the following shortcuts and acronyms scroll across my
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Internet Speak: Part One

When I first started working at Schipul and dallying on the good ol’ interwebs… I felt like everyone was speaking a different language. DNS what?! And what the heck is twitter? Never fear. I’m here to tell you some silly stories about my mistakes so you don’t repeat them! I’m going to start a series of posts on fun words and acronyms that may frighten those new to the internet or to Social Media. Internet Speak: Part One is going
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