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January/February in Review: Mom2 + Monica + a whole lotta Kirtsy and a little bit of Boulder

Whew! The last two months have been crazy, wonderful and beautiful all at once. I believe the last time I sat still for any length of time was when I went to see Eurydice…. and wasn’t New Year’s Eve like ten minutes ago?! I don’t want forget a bit of the amazingness and glitter that consumed January and February so without further ado…. a couple months in review! An open conversation between Moms & Marketers Mid-January I realized I hadn’t
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Personal Branding Cat got your Tongue?

I happens to me too! More often than I care to admit. Let’s put the brakes on this post so I can quickly explain what personal branding is. Personal branding is a concept that says you YOURSELF are just as marketable and brand-able as say… Target. The example I like to use is George Foreman. Ever heard of the George Foreman Grill? I bet you have. The man slapped his name on a grill originally marketed using middle of the
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Defending my Love for Perez Hilton

Many of you know I secretly LOVE Perez Hilton.  I think his blog is great.  And amazing.  And fantastic.  I consider it a great source for news I need to know. Lately I have had to defend this love quite a bit so I decided to compile a top 20 list of why I love Perez Hilton. Why Perez rawks: Perezzers is always in the know He announced that the new Macbook was being released on October 15 before anyone
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