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Art, Wine and Cyrano de Bergerac

This Wednesday is going to be packed but oh so fun! Most of Wednesday morning will be spent rushing around with Fayza to pick up donations of the alcoholic kind for the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) event that evening. Thankfully I am from Tomball and drive a big truck… so we should be able to get it all in one run. A special thanks to 13 Celsius for donating two cases! Then from 5:30-7:30 pm it will be time to
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Schipul Birthday Bash this Friday!

Ready… Set… Party!!! The delightful Schipul and all we geeks, nerds and “code monkeys” who work there will be celebrating 11 years of fun…  And websites too.  We do those right?  Kidding. Join us this Friday from 5-10 pm at Open City in Midtown.  We want to thank all of YOU who make Schipul so great.  We wouldn’t be where we are without our clients and friends!  And I would not have a paycheck, so I would like to PERSONALLY
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