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Social Media Lessons “Wii” Can Learn from Nintendo

It is no secret that I love my Wii*; I tweet about our relationship quite a bit and there are tons of pictures of me playing GH3 on Facebook. It is the only video game system at which I am any good, and because of that, there have been more nights than I care to admit that I was up WAY past my bedtime playing Guitar Hero** or Mario Kart. That being said, I have never blogged about Nintendo or
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Personal Branding Cat got your Tongue?

I happens to me too! More often than I care to admit. Let’s put the brakes on this post so I can quickly explain what personal branding is. Personal branding is a concept that says you YOURSELF are just as marketable and brand-able as say… Target. The example I like to use is George Foreman. Ever heard of the George Foreman Grill? I bet you have. The man slapped his name on a grill originally marketed using middle of the
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Interpreting the Groundswell: What the heck is up with Social Media?

Like I said in my very first blog post, there are some things I don’t get about Social Media.  Where are the numbers?  How do you figure out your ROI?  What tools and networks do I really need to be part of?  HOW DO I FIT IT ALL IN MY DAY?!  The Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff with Forrester Research, does a great job of answering those questions and more. First of all… what is the groundswell?  Li
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