Defending my Love for Perez Hilton


Many of you know I secretly LOVE Perez Hilton.  I think his blog is great.  And amazing.  And fantastic.  I consider it a great source for news I need to know.

Lately I have had to defend this love quite a bit so I decided to compile a top 20 list of why I love Perez Hilton.

Why Perez rawks:

  1. Perezzers is always in the know
  2. He announced that the new Macbook was being released on October 15 before anyone else
  3. and he always has his finger on the pulse of the next big thing in music
  4. In fact, Perez got to world premiere the first Leona Lewis song (not MTV!!)
  5. He really cares about the Dalai Lama
  6. and world peace (and you should too)
  7. You can count on him to monitor the stock market for you
  8. Or for up to the minute daily updates on that state of our economy
  9. He really cares about your oral hygiene
  10. and totally thinks you should NOT smoke
  11. Perez is a huge proponent of voting
  12. and is just as obsessed with Sarah Palin as Fayza and I
  13. He even reminds our Canadian neighbors to vote!
  14. I actually have a lot in common with Perez…
  15. Perez and I both think Andy Roddick is sexy
  16. hmmm… come to think of it, we have the same taste as in most men
  17. and he loves dogs
  18. Despite popular belief, Perez does a lot of good
  19. He blogs about a non-profit once a day and encourages donating
  20. Our own Houston Food Bank was actually featured post-Ike

The moral of this post? Don’t knock the Pretzel till you try him.

13 Responses

  1. K says:

    p.s. Cute picture!!! 😀

  2. Fayza says:

    I think I am no longer in love with you, K.

  3. Fayza says:

    I’m not sold. Until he publishes a primer on how to keep all insects out of your apartment and how to make your deadbeat landlord turn the slum I live in into a shrine, he’s no saviour to me.

  4. In regards to #14, you didn’t elaborate. What do you have in common with Perez? Is it that you both are FAB U LOUS?!?!

  5. K says:

    That is a thorough, definitive, well-researched and well-argued defense. If there were debates between you and Fayza on the subject of Perez Hilton, you would win. In fact, I’d like to see such a debate. You should arrange one. Ed can moderate.

  6. MagsMac says:

    I think I love you K.

  7. Monica Danna says:

    i’ve never read his blog, but i think that whatever makes magsmac this happy is A-OK with me (cuz britney makes me that happy) britney’s back bitches! wha? oh this, is a post about perez? eh.

  8. Kristen Gambetta says:

    what Britney’s back!!??? and touring next spring….oh ya that’s right I found out about it first on Perez. Mags- you know I will be on your debate team to defend perez hilton’s sight!

  9. […] I also love Perez but I already blogged about him once and you all know how I feel his Social Media/Personal Branding prowess. […]

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