Holly Hoyt’s Amazing Photographs…. Viewed through a Carnival Lense


Holly Hoyt is an amazing photographer.

So when she asked one night if David and I would like to accompany her to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo so she could do a practice Carnival photo shoot, I jumped at the chance (after she promised me I could have a corn dog…. of course).

From the many amazing photos she captured that night, Holly created the following two collages. In them I see a couple of all too willing partners in crime and one very handsome prince charming. Thank you for finding us in the middle of all those amazing lights Holly.

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  1. Holly says:

    Okay, so most everyone already knows this, but you and David are seriously, dangerously adorable. Man, that reminds me (and I don't know why)…….you should post the picture of you and your corn dog. Yeah, I said it. That corn dog looked pretty awesome. But not awesome-er than you!

  2. QCait says:

    I love this photos. Love them. And love you.

  3. Kerry says:

    Awesome photos!

    You twos make a v. handsome couple.

    Would love to see a pic of the corndog!

  4. That pic of him kissing your head while you are all giddy and cute is INCREDIBLE (well they all are, but that's my fav).

    What fun to have talented friends! :)

  5. drmiggy says:

    Holly is a kick ass photog, and you two are so adorable. Also, I love corndogs.

  6. Jaqeline says:

    It’s an H era one I’m a Fish era gal too (wait til you see tomorrow’s post!), but H is a damn fine sngier, and he has been there for like what? 20+ years now? It’s his band. I love Beautiful, Cover My Eyes, After Me there’s probably more if I could just find the time to explore Marillion post 198blah

  7. Pahlawan says:

    09 May 01, 2011 21:52 I can’t believe! I came here on the 1st of May to start my month off on a beutfiual note. And then, there I see, my book on YOUR blog. I am honored, flattered and completely happy. Thank you so much thank you, thank you! xooxox

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