I am the funniest person I know.


It is no secret that I love to laugh… ESPECIALLY at my own jokes. That being said, I’m not sure that everyone else really thinks my jokes are that funny all of the time.

Especially my dearly beloved mother.

Let me set the scene up for you. My boyfriend and I live together. I’m Irish Catholic. Put two and two together…

So now that you get the situation, let me tell you about the funniest joke EVER.

Over July Fourth weekend, both Matt and my families were at our house celebrating together. Matt was cooking up a storm, my mom had brought some of my favorite snacks and Matt’s seven-month-old niece was entertaining us all with her newly learned laugh.

My mom and I were sitting together at the bar munching on some queso when she said, “I love spending time with our in-laws.”

My chip came to a screeching halt halfway to its intended destination and I replied, “Mom. I don’t have a ring. They aren’t in-laws yet!”

“You know what I mean!!” she replied.

We sat quietly for a few seconds and  then… the best joke EVER hit me.

With an evil grin plastered to my face, I enjoyed my chip and said (with perfect comedic timing, I might add), “Well… I guess you could call them our Living-In-Sin-Laws if you really wanted to be accurate.

My dear lovely mother looked at me a moment and then deadpan said “Yes. I actually prayed about that in church this morning. Thank you for reminding me,” before smiling sweetly and walking off to play with the baby some more.

Mom 1, Margaret 0

Speaking of hilarious MommyMac related things… We are totally scaling a sheer cliff together in this photo. Can you tell?

5 Responses

  1. Brandi says:

    Eh. Ive said funnier.

  2. AliMac says:

    L2U. Also? You're welcome for the pic. It's a good thing I can climb cliffs while taking excellent family photos.

  3. HexColor says:

    You are the funniest person in the world

  4. Laughing at your own jokes is the best joke ever! You really are the funniest person in the world. 😀

    – Blake

  5. Sarcasiml says:

    You poor Negelected child, This was a total waste of time. You are the results of a no name brand multie used condom, You will most likely amount to nothing, The avarage life of a sperm various around 2-3 days, youv been in the bank for months… Laughing at your own jokes is annoying and embarrassing Reason? it shows your not confidant enough to let it play out. So you try to start the laugh off.. this makes people uncomfortable and vaunrable so they along with it (fake laugh) then laugh at how stupid you look….Want to be funny like me. sit down shut the fuck up and wait for some inexperienced Skid to look at you wrong.. (ex you look at me wrong) I would say *if i throw a stick would u Leave? Do i look like i got candy?, 1st day outside the yellow room? i can rant all day… but if you dont got the funny geans dont push it…

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