I hate the new facebook.


Normally I would say that hate is a very strong word and if you know me, you’re probably shocked I’m even bringing this up.  But I do hate the new facebook layout.  Since facebook has not yet made me switch to the new layout, I’ve been okay…  I’ve delved into it to get a lot for practice but when something gets weird I just go back to the old view (cheating I know).

Two facebook related events have fueled my fire this week.

First.  I bought a book called Facebook: The Missing Manual on Amazon a while back and it finally came in the mail a couple of days ago.  I spent $19.99 on a truly awesome book with lots of cool tips and tricks and knowledge that I wanted to pass on to our clients.  The book is now totally defunct because of the new facebook layout.  A layout that had already been redone once, and pretty recently too.

I think I’m most bitter about this incident because when I excitedly waved the book around in the air like a crazy person, my boss is the one who pointed out that it would probably be worthless.

Second.  I installed the twitter application on my old facebook.  On the new facebook layout, you see NOTHING but my tweets… my wall is totally comprised of my random shout outs to the interwebs.  I could not figure out how to turn off the automattic pull of my tweets from twitter into facebook.  I enlisted a coworker.  We ended up having to uninstall the whole app.  Annoying.

In all, I think I spent about a half hour trying to figure out this new application weirdness.  If I, a facebook vet and complete addict, cannot figure simple things out, what are people who are new to facebook to do?I\'m going to miss you old facebook.....

My point to this rant?  Thank you facebook for making it that much harder to convert people who are nervous around computers to social media superstars.  I imagine a good many people who just started figuring things out on the old facebook are more lost than me.

Also.  WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE TABS????  You are not a web browser dear facebook.  No one is going to tab over to people’s “info” or “boxes,” it’s too much work and people are lazy when it comes to looking for info on the interwebs.

I miss you already old facebook!

<end vent>

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  1. MagsMac says:

    I switch back and forth between the two as well.

    I feel like I'm going to have to learn to love it if I'm going to get out clients to! 😉

  2. Kathleen says:

    Right on about the tabs! Every time I want to look at someone's info, I get annoyed that I have to click on a tab to do so.

    I haven't been using the old Facebook because I know it will disappear eventually, and I'm trying to embrace the inevitable change.

    That's pretty funny about the book you bought. Is it really completely worthless now?

  3. mayhemchaos says:

    Does it not allow you to go back to the old layout?

    Every time I’ve looked at the new layout on my profile, it’s allowed my to switch back.

    I too am no fan of the new layout and have not committed to it and I stick to the old layout.

    Seeing as how Facebook now tops Myspace in users, you’d think they’d try not to loose people by becoming another Myspace.

    Good luck on your quest to Facebook nervana!

  4. eeburrah says:

    i spent probably 40 seconds on the new facebook within hours of it being available and decided it sucked. and hey, i’m in that picture!

  5. Fayza says:

    It allows you to switch back, but becoming too dependent on that feature is dangerous. Eventually, it’ll go away.

    I hate the new layout, too. Hate it. It almost reminds me of MySpace. MYSPACE BLEH.

    Can we revolt?

  6. I like it. :) How you like me now?

  7. Brandi says:

    I hate it SO MUCH. Talk about throwing user interface design right out of the window! And your point (converting clients to social media) is completely true.

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