It’s the First of May which Means the Indie Biz Chicks Conference is Only a Week Away! Join me?


Heyo! I cannot believe it is already May 1!! This year has flown by in a series of amazing events and opportunities and people. Mostly People. Yep…. Most DEFINITELY People.

And luckily I’ve got another opportunity to teach and to connect with some amazing people coming again soon!

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is on May 6 and 7. Won’t you join me?

I’m speaking on Wednesday, May 6 at 1 pm EST. You’ll get more info on how to connect when you register!

Speakers include Gwen Bell, the Ladies of Handmade DetroitJenny Hart. Topics will cover everything from Maximizing Social Media for Your Event to how to coordinate and AMAZING Craft Show. If you’re an Indie Chick (in your spare time or ALL the time) looking for a little advice and direction, this conference is the place for you.

Best part about it? Dressing to impress means attending in your yoga suit :)

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  1. Kellene says:

    Thanks so much Maggie for the awesome webinar today! I took voracious notes and can't wait to get using some of the new tools you suggested like Google Alerts. I did have a quick question — as a wordpress user, I am not yet familiar with a way to have a badge on our blog. Is this something that can be done in WordPress? Perhaps I should look into those open source help files you suggested!

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  3. Great post, Maggie. I'm a former Army Paratrooper, and I recently had a similar experience. Kudos!

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