Love Notes.


In an increasingly digital world, one of my favorite things to do is write (and receive) handwritten love notes to my guy. And nothing is sacred… we will tag anything and everything with a quick note. We write them on the back of old grocery lists, on used envelopes, on notebook paper and even on paid bills.

Yes… we live together.
Yes… we see each other all the time.
Yes… we frequently (x 50) say the word’s “I love you” out loud.

But finding these little slips of paper often makes my day.

While one of my favorite things about our tradition is the simplicity, I visited Papyrus in Rice Village to purchase a birthday card recently and found some more unusual ways to say “I love you” that I absolutely adore.

Hello?! Adorable!!

So now I think I’m going to up the “love note” ante a bit and I would love your help. What are your favorite places to buy cards? Etsy? A shop down the street? Because I’m on the hunt for the cheesiest card in the west.

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  1. Kevin says:

    My favorite place to buy cards is Ten Thousand Villages, also in Rice Village!

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