Memory Lane: Barstool Magazine Style


Time flies when you’re having fun! I was going through and backing up old files on my college laptop (while listening to the music saved there and reminicing) and I stumbled across the very first article I wrote for Barstool Magazine Houston.

Can’t believe I’ve been writing for them for almost two and a half years now!!Thanks Monica :)

In commemoration, I though I would re-post my sweetly snarky, first every Barstool Magazine Column here (with a photo of the cover of course!). It’s funny to read and see what’s changed in Houston…. and what has stayed the same. ToC Bar anyone?!

2007 seems to be flying by and it’s only February. Lucky for you scenesters the bar scene hasn’t lost momentum either. With everything from a beaucoup of new wine bars to killer hotel bars, this year’s shaping up nicely.

For a little Dionysian worship, The Tasting Room’s newest edition at West Alabama and Kirby proves once again they still got it flowing on. Saturday afternoons proves to be a great time to have a glass or two… or 12 if you really want to make Bacchus proud.

Barstool can’t go anywhere without hearing about Max’s Wine Dive on Washington. This dive puts the smack down on other wine bars and proves the owners of the Tasting Room know what wine drinkers want. Where else can you order a set of the hot, steamy, succulent “Chef’s Big Balls” with a glass of bubbly? Watch out Midtown, Washington Corridor is the newest player stepping up.

Midtown may have been THE place to be scene for the last few years, but Downtown is back with a vengeance. “Can’t nobody hold me down!” ROC Bar’s leading the Bayou Place rejuvenation and Mosaic is taking their lead. But ever wonder what happened to ToC Bar? They’re about to re-launch, and this time for a younger crowd. Guys, make sure you check out “showstopper’s” ID if you’re going to buy her a drink… especially if you plan on taking her home to do some after horizontal dancing late night; they’re open 18 and up on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Barstool LOVES hotel bars; classy décor, dark little nooks everywhere… and a bed right down the hall? Sign us up! We’re hype about the new Monarch Bar opening in Hotel ZaZa, especially if it’s anything like the Dallas location. Word on the street is this massive opening has already been pushed back once, and we’re praying to our party gods that it won’t be delayed again.

And there you have it!

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  1. drmiggy says:

    Toc Bar relaunched to a younger crowd? Who were they targeting, 10 year-olds? I'm so out of the loop :-)

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