Ode to the Perfect Weekend


Like many Houstonians, I have been without power since Hurricane Ike passed though.  And I have been going nuts… I have slept in several places and am ready for normalcy to make it’s return to my life.  This past weekend was the closest I’ve come to it in the 12 days since Ike.

On Friday I was back and forth.  Do I stay?  Do I go?  Do I have another slumber party with Fayza or HappyKatie?  The straw that broke the camels back was pure exhaustian.  I just wanted to arrive somewhere and NOT MOVE and not think about the next step.

When I decided I absolutely had to get out of town I immediately decided on my sister’s place in college station.  Alice is in Vet School (dork) and studies ALL the time so I knew it would be a quiet weekend.  The topper?  Ali and my mother are my best friends; Ali and I don’t get that much time alone together, so I was really excited about my decision… At the time I had no idea the weekend would involve a wild Vet School “Rager” and a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon!

Let me tell you about Vet Students.  They know how to party.  Ali and I attended a barbecue fundraiser on Friday night and it was a blast!  Beer for 3 bucks, free food, a cheesy band… and (drumroll please) a raffle where you could win cool things like stethoscopes!  A word of advice:  if you are a guy, you should go to Vet School.  The chances that you will meet a girl are pretty strong considering there will be maybe two other males in your class.  I’m exaggerating, but the ratio is in your favor.  But I digress.

After the party, Ali and I hit up HEB and snack-fest 2k8 officially began.  Nothing of note happened for the rest of the weekend except a whole lot of pomegranate eating, stir fry making, queso consuming, “Killer Juice” box wine drinking, popcorn popping and Pirate watching.  I think Ali may have studied, but I was probably sleeping on the couch when that was going on.

All in all?  The BEST weekend ever.  I am lucky to have an Alice in my life.

So thank you for an amazing weekend little sister.  Because like I said, I have slept in many places.  But your couch was better than them all.

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  1. Fayza says:

    Can we steal this cute little Ali character and bring her down here for a little bit? I know I personally can never have too much mac 'n cheese.

  2. Alice McDonald says:

    Dear MagsMac,
    I also had a wonderful, peaceful, but also entertaining weekend. Although they haven’t posted a count for my class yet on their website, the last two years have had a male:female ratio of 29:103 and 31:101. Thank you for coming to visit me and for being a bum- I do so LOVE being a bum.
    All my love,
    PS- I asked Justin to guess what movie (of many) we watched, and he said: “Something w/ David Bowie?” hahaaaaa

  3. Monica says:

    yall watched labrynth?!!! :-)

  4. mommy says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Thanks Margaret for sending the msg so that I could read about your delightful week-end with your dear sister. You are both such a joy to me.

    I am still without power and was becoming quite worried that my eyebrows would grow together, so I awoke at 4:30 – arrive at work at 6:15 – now have the loveliest eyebrows ever!!!!

    Is this the info I am supposed to share?

    Love to all.


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