Go Ask Your Mother


I’ve spent an astronomical amount of time with my nose in a book. Because of this, I often find myself revisiting old favorites and randomly recalling certain lines from much loved characters.

Max popped into my head today… which is no surprise given that I spent the weekend with my amazing Mother.

“I said you weren’t inconsequential. No one is. We change at least one person’s life just by being born. If you don’t believe me, go ask your mother. The fellows who write history books may not think that’s so special. I happen to disagree. Isabelle and her family may be long gone, but because they lived, regardless of how small their lives may have been, I believe they are worth remembering, even if only by strangers.” Max Gallus (Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto)

Love a good love story? Check out Before Ever After.

Having a Monday? Just think of your Mother.

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  1. Dianne Harr says:

    Starting my day with a smile…thinking of my brother and how proud he is sitting up there in heaven..between tennis matches. I can just hear him…see her…that's my daughter…and see her…that's my wife…the only woman on the planet who could put up with me for long! :) I sure do miss him and his loveable ways and of course his sense of humor. Thanks for reminding me of both! Love you guys!

  2. Mary Lynn says:

    Dear Daughter,

    Thanks for starting my Tuesday on a high!!! You are a delight to be with and when not with you, I can go to your blog. In reading your Aunt Dee Dee's post, I am reminded that you are a reflection of that amazing family also. Faith, good parents or good mentors – and luck!!! Love to you.

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