Road Tripping Texas: Jersey Style!


This post could also be titled: Maggie and Alexa’s Big Adventure.

A few times each year I make trips to Corpus Christi, Texas for client events. As I have mentioned before, I love road trips, I love Texas and I love the client I’m working for… so it’s the perfect project for me. Since I make this trip so often, I have a few favorite things I do every time that I really look forward to.

Now. Enter Alexa.

We recently had an event weekend and for the first time ever, a colleague would be travelling with me. I really enjoy introducing people to new things, so I could not have picked a more perfect companion… Why? Because Alexa is new in Texas… by way of New Jersey (and then Kansas and then New York). Remember those favorite things I do every time I visit Corpus? Imagine my delight at getting to share those with a Jersey girl.

First things first. Every Texan knows where you make a pit stop on any road trip of any length. Buc-ee’s. Can you hear the angels sing? When Texans go to Heaven, I’m quite sure this is one of the venues that line those streets paved with gold. But I digress. A week prior to the events, I began extolling the virtues of Bu-cee’s to Alexa. I’m fairly certain that she was skeptical at first. Who gets THAT super pumped about a gas station?

But now she is sold. Or… at least this photo is proof that she is at least a little bit sold.

For these particular events, we activate at the Corpus Christi Hooks home field… which is the namesake of ANOTHER great Texas road trip staple: Whataburger!

Our plans included partaking in this particular delicacy after the Friday night game, because my number one priority on night one in Corpus is always Waterstreet Market. I needed my yearly Shrimp Picayune Fix! I actually found a recipe online, so watch out!! Unfortunately, the Hooks failed to triumph in their Friday night game, so the series was cut short and we headed home a little bit early… Skipping Whataburger. Very sad.

BUT. We did stop at Prasek’s Hillije Smokehouse on the way home, which is another one of my favorite traditions. Peppered pork tenderloin, anyone?

So all in all, it was a fabulous trip. Although, I still owe Alexa a Whataburger sometime soon.

Oh! A quick note on parking. Another reason I love small Texas towns how nice the people are. They don’t tow you… they just… park around you. I’m actually surprised they didn’t just pick the Fiesta up and move it out of the way.

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