Schipul Birthday Bash this Friday!


Ready… Set… Party!!!

The delightful Schipul and all we geeks, nerds and “code monkeys” who work there will be celebrating 11 years of fun…  And websites too.  We do those right?  Kidding.

Join us this Friday from 5-10 pm at Open City in Midtown.  We want to thank all of YOU who make Schipul so great.  We wouldn’t be where we are without our clients and friends!  And I would not have a paycheck, so I would like to PERSONALLY hug all you peeps I chat with on the phone.

I will undoubtedly be pretty late because I will be dancing the night away at the wedding of the lovely Kapcahino but I will see y’all later.  You know I couldn’t miss the after-party at Leon’s Lounge to celebrate Cosmopolitician’s Dirty Thirty.  I am pretty sure I would lose adopted-sister status… and let’s be honest… I can NEVER resist a Vinyl Ranch filled evening!

UPDATE: I just got news my power may be on by Friday!  October 3 is just looking more and more scrumptious by the day!!!

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