The Gets a Little Cheesier Today


As a Houston native and purely southern gal at heart, I was pleased totally freakin’ ecstatic to find my cheesy little blog featured on the Houston‘s opinion page this morning. So what if all the other blogs are somewhat serious and mature and my blog title includes the words “Magic Dust” and declares my love for Malcolm Gladwell in skinny jeans? I’m pumped.

I love talking about all things Public Relations and Social Media related so while you’re here, check out some of my other posts! A few of my favorites are:

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  3. On Social Media and Friends

So again, welcome to Mags Mac ‘n’ Cheese! I hope you enjoy it. Leave comments and suggestions but most importantly… enjoy the cheese!

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  1. mayhemchaos says:

    Congrats! I made it too today. How fun is that. We're "published" in our local news :)

  2. Mommy says:

    Oh dear daughter – so proud of you.

    Love to you

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