Watch out Net2… Here comes MommyMac!


My Mom is pretty much the most amazing woman I know; she’s funny and quirky and super smart.  She also has a heart made of gold and spends almost every day helping deaf adults and children to hear.  She’s an audiologist at the Houston Ear Research Foundation (a non-profit devoted to helping everyone, no matter where they are on the socioeconomic ladder) to hear all those beautiful sounds that most people take for granted.

Over the past 6 months I have been involved in a group call Net2; a once a month mash up of techie people and non-profits.  Someone from a non-profit (like DiverseWorks) presents at the beginning and then we tech/social media peeps see what holes we can help them fill as far as trying to get their message out to their publics.  Twitter is ALWAYS a big part of conversation as are title tags and web sites.

I am new to the whole Social Media and Web Marketing world, so I don’t often contribute much to the discussion, but I have learned A LOT.  I talk a lot about Social Media to my Mom, because I am just so fascinated by the subject!  She has now christened me “her little tech geek” and expressed an interest in Net2 last week.

I was totally pumped!  I would finally get to show my Mom what my crazy life is all about and where all the jargon comes from.

So Net2 Tuesday rolls around and I meet my Mom and her girlfriend Terry (who also works for a non-profit: Good Will) at 6:00 pm at Stagg’s Stag’s Head Pub over on Portsmouth so they could help me set up.  We talked a little about twitter (or course) and MommyMac and Terry seemed very excited.  God bless Jake, the first tech geek to walk in the door, because when he pulled out his laptop those two ladies descended on him with a hunger and demanded that he start “tweetering” so they could watch.  It was PRICELESS.  Even more priceless was when MommyMac rushed to embrace my boss… but I suppose that is another story.

All jargon aside, my mom and Terry really enjoyed themselves and genuinely learned a lot about what their non-profits should be doing better.  I think they are a little scared of some of the people in that room, but they’ll be back the second Tuesday of every month trying to learn a little more.

That, to me, is one of the greatest things about Social Media.  Anyone who has a hunger can do it, no matter their age or profession.  You just have to be truly interested in reaching out to your people; and my mother is.  Didn’t I tell you she was amazing?

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  1. AliMac says:

    I love the picture and the post :)
    Also- does mom think social media is “neat?”

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