Who should speak at SXSW2009???


Less than six months ago, I was the most miserable wedding planner in the world.  But in March of this year, I was the lucky recipient of a new job.  I had no clue what twitter was, flickr confused me, and I thought “southby” was a city.  It turns out that I love love love twitter, I can work flickr without burning things down, and I am praying on a daily basis that the Schipul Gods will send me to South By Southwest 2009.

Well it’s that time again… let’s pick the panels we want featured at SXSW This year!!!  The following are a few peeps I am definitely voting for and strongly encourage you to click these links and vote too!

  1. Get your daily dose of HappyKatie and vote for Katie Laird’s panels on “Strategic PR for Social Media” and how to “Heart Your Peeps-Build Your Business From Within
  2. To learn more about “Personal Branding for Profit” and “Social Media for Non-Profit Rock Stars” vote for personal branding guru himself, Ed Schipul
  3. If you want to see a bristly Canadian talk about whether or not “Your Company Blog is Cheating on You” then you’ll want to see Jason McElweenie speak
  4. For some fabulous feminism and super rocking chicks, you’ll want to click on this link for a panel on “Women Engaging Tech: Ferocity Fuels the Phenomenal” that the lovely Monica Danna, Gwen Bell, Laura Mayes and Tara Anderson are hosting

I love all of the people above like Natalie loves diet coke and truly believe they will each bring something inspirational and amazing to SXSW.

**Disclaimer:  I totally know and love these people so my opinions may be biased.  But they have each taught me something unique and phenomenal so I feel like the bias is justified!**

4 Responses

  1. katie says:

    Thanks for the sxswi pimpin’ love!!!

    I love you so hard!!! (Diet Coke)

    (and MagsMac)

  2. F. says:

    “SouthBy” isn’t a city?

    Rut ro. I’d better get out my atlas.


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