Writing a Love Story.


Tap, tap… Does this thing still work? Really? Okay. Let’s try this.

I haven’t written anything here in quite some time. It’s been 14 months actually, but who’s counting?

Now, I’m picking up the proverbial pen again.

Why? 20 days ago (who’s counting?) my best friend asked me to be his wife.

So I’m writing again to make sure I remember and maybe more importantly to make sure I celebrate all of the little wedding moments, both now and later. I’m writing to remember the discussions about “the list” (one thing I’m definitely counting), about the venue, about the band and about the flowers. About my bridesmaids and our vows. I’m writing to remember the cake. I guess… I’m writing before it’s too late.

I’m writing so that I don’t forget. I want to remember every moment of this crazy journey. The good, the bad and the awesome. To count all things great and small.

I want to remember it for myself, and I want to remember it when the time comes to share it with someone much smaller than me. Just like my parents remembered for me.

I’m writing again because I love a good love story and there is no way I want to forget a moment of mine and Matt’s.

So. Let the countdown begin. Because I’m definitely counting. And I will be writing… maybe pinning too.

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  1. Aunt Honey says:

    Personally, I LOVE a great love story almost as much as I love reading what you write! You are such a terrific writer; so glad you are getting back to it! Oh and congratulations to you two lovebirds!

  2. Erin says:

    I was all confused when I saw the "Maggie MacDonald got engaged!" announcement on FB today & thought "wait a minute, didn't that happen like a month or so ago? Did I imagine that?" Glad to know I'm not going completely crazy.

    Congratulations, you crazy kids!

  3. Robert says:

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