You will always be my Best Friend


Hey Daddy!!

Happy birthday!

I woke up this morning and it was a normal morning, and then I realized it was your birthday. Usually I see today coming from a mile off, but this year it crept up on me… and like always… took my breath away.

Sometimes the memories of you are so very clear that it is hard to believe you’re gone. Especially on days like today.

I miss your laugh. I miss your silly jokes and your hugs. Every single day, I miss you.

I wish you could see your girls, all grown up. Alice and I have become some pretty neat women. And Mom… she is truly amazing. She lives her life with a poise and grace that is wonderful to watch. I pray every day that I will grow up to be my Mother. You’re missing out Dad.

I wish you could meet David and Ali’s fiance, Justin. I wish I knew you as an adult. I wish you were here so we could really celebrate your birthday. I wish.

In a few months, you will have been gone ten years. So much has happened since then, but days like today take me back there in a flash. I am still 16. I am still waiting for you to come home. I still love you. You will always ALWAYS be my best friend.

So Happy Birthday Daddy…. I’m sending kisses your way.

Love always,

Your little girl

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  1. imelda says:

    I’m in tears! I need to go call my dad and tell him how much I appreciate him. SO sorry for your loss Maggie!

  2. Monica Danna says:

    There is no way your father could be anymore proud of you, Alice or momma mac.
    You honor your father everyday that you practice the kindness, honesty and love that he taught you.
    I love you.

  3. Mommy says:

    Dear Little Lady,

    Your entry is full of the love and warmth of a much-loved daughter. Thank you for expressing your thoughts in print.

    L 2 U

  4. Lindsay Hogan says:

    You put it well Mags. Thinking of you often darling…

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